Special Thanks to a Certain Someone

Song of the Post: 1+1 – Beyoncé

They say you only remember 17% of the people you ever meet in your life.  They also say that you will meet about 733, 000 peopl ein your life.  That is an incredibly small number of people you remember, compared to those you meet.  However, I have found one that I will always remember.  For the sake of not releasing her name in public, I will refer to her as M.

Couple of days ago, M uploaded an ineffably touching message, more like a letter, as the caption of a photo of M and I.  If I were to try to describe how I felt, I would say it was like finding one person smiling jovially, within an arena filled with frowns.  Of course I knew we were friends to somewhat of a degree, but I was not aware of how close we had gotten until I read this letter.

The funny thing is, just a couple of weeks ago, we were in the awkward stages friends go through after a fight.  After finally getting the courage to talk to M about why we fought, we both figured out that it was us that was the problem, but rather someone else that created a sort of miscommunication between us.  After this realization, we set aside our obstacles, and started a fresh and new friendship that I hope will last a lifetime.  M has been someone that has never failed to listen when I needed to talk to someone, and someone who would come to me first when they had a concern or someone they wanted to talk to as well.  The fact that someone would consider me as the person to reach out first for their problem resolvement was what I was really thankful for.

Throughout my life, I have never really made close friends because I always knew I would be moving schools every 2 or 3 years.  However, in my current school, it is now my 4th year, and M and I have always have a sort of friendship that had its big ups and downs.  When I saw that there was someone who now considers me as important to them as much as they are importnat to me, was when I realized I had made a true friend.

However, I guess it’s true what they say, the more you fight, the closer you get.  We’ve been through our ups and downs, but you have always been there for me.

M, thank you for everything you’ve done and I love you much.  You will always be a true friend.


Yet Another Great Season

Song of the Post: Light Up the World – Glee Cast

For all you Gleeks out there, I’m sure that all of you are as sad as I am about the finale of the second season of Glee.  Though a devastating blow, I must say, the finale was amazing.  Especially with guest star Charice having her solo at Nationals, it really was the cherry on the top.  For a few sneak peeks for those who did not watch it yet, the show starts out with Rachel Berry finally accepting the fact that she has made it all the way to Nationals in New York.  However, only minuts after taking in this glory, they are locked in a hotel room where their teacher, Mr. Shuster, says they cannot leave the room until they come up with two songs.  Due to their confinement, they are limited to what they can be inspired by.  Therefore, they decide to sneak out.  Once they sneak out, it is filled with singing and dancing in the streets, and finally Nationals.

I must say, I have been looking forward to Nationals for quite a long time, and I really thought that it would end happily this season.  Whether my hopes were fulfilled or not, I will not say because that would just be a spoiler.  Despite the plot, I thought it was a good ending.  The second season incorporated many more original songs, something they did not do in the first season, and they introduced new characters.  My favourite new character was a guest star, Charice, and Holly Holiday, played by Gwenyth Paltrow.  Both guest stars rocked the episodes with their beautiful singing.

For those who still do not watch Glee, I would definitely put it as a show to watch if your days are filled with dull and dreary events.  Glee really helped me put some joy in my life, every Wednesday night, in Korea, to take some time and just relax and put a smile on my face.  And yes, I agree that it’s very cheesy at time, but it does cope with a lot of everyday high school issues that people deal with.  Ranging from sexuality issues, relationship issues, self esteem issues, family issues, and many more, Glee really captures the idea that a simple song is strong enough to put a smile on your face.

Though it is the end of the second season for now, I recently read that Glee will be returning for a full third season and I will definitely be watching.  Some sneak peeks that the creator has hinted at are as follows:

1. Blaine might be auditioning for the New Directions

2. Mercedes will finally land herself a man

3. Charice and Paltrow will be back

For those of you who missed out on this excellent second season, make sure you check out the third season coming this fall!

The Roommate

Song of the Post: Jar of Hearts – Glee Cast

Out of the millions of colleges and universities in the world, there is one that you will select to go to.  Out of the millions of rooms and dorms, you will get one that you are given.  Out of the billions of people out there in the world, you are given one.  One that will sleep, study, eat, and live with you through for the years of college.

But what would you do if you found out your roommate was one echelon above a psychopath.  Let’s hope that this question is a question you do not have to answer.  However, this was different for Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly).  Upon entering ULA, she is assigned a roommate Rebecca Evans (Leighton Meester), an artist.  At first, their friendship blooms into a new sister-like a relationship.  However, this is ephemeral.  It is not long until Sarah realizes that Rebecca is a bit more than friendly, and perhaps a bit too obsessed.  Rebecca takes it a bit too far when it comes to making sure that Sarah is her only best friend, and that Rebecca is Sarah’s only best friend.  Going though a series of threats and attempted murder, Rebecca goes beyond borders of a “protective friend.”

Now why did I choose this movie to watch?  Well, one of my favourite actresses–Leighton Meester–was in it.  For those who do not know she is, you may recognize her when I say the name Blair Whaldorf.  She stars as the incredibly rich and chic character in the show Gossip Girl.  Knowing her as the richest and most scandalous person, it was a good change to see her as the rather troubled woman.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the overall movie, but as most critics have said, every action made by Leighton Meester, was a work of thought and preciseness with each movement, yet showing a sense of spontaneity.  Even though they movie may have received low ratings, if you want to explore the unexpected, it is definitely a film to check out.

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No Strings Attached

Song of the Post: You’re a Star – Ne-Yo

Recently, I was able to watch the movie No Strings Attached, staring Ashton Kutcher, and recently Academy Award winning actress, Natalie Portman.  The basic story line is about a man, Adam, and woman, Emma, decide to go in a relationship, involving the fulfilling of sexual desires for each other, at all times throughout the day, without being a real relationship.  Seeming like a great plan at first, they go on with this relationship with a few rules set up.  However, as the movie progresses, they start to see the importance of love and how it can come when least expected.

But why did I want to review this movie?  Well, there is one reason: I saw the versatile acting ken of Natalie Portman.  After being completely mind blown and fascinated by Natalie Portman’s acting in Black Swan, it was rather nice to see Portman take on a lighter role, as a rather innocent girl with complicated problems, portraying herself as a rather normal girl outside of the celebrity world.

Though I may say that the movie itself was not one of my favourites, Portman’s bubbly acting did not fail to attract my eyes.  Aside from all of the inappropriate scenes, the movie does capture an important moral.  It leaves viewers with the question of “how far can love take you?”

Though I have never thought about this before, other readers or viewers should take a stab at that question.  Because love does not only involve a relationship between two people through hugs, kisses, and sex, but also the love you create with friends, and family.  So next time you see someone special, take a moment and think.  How far can love take you?

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After a year of suffering, it is finally over.

Last Monday, specifically on May 9th, 2011, at 8:00 a.m., I entered a room, filled with arrays of desks, with a clock at the front of the room.  Each desk lay a paper booklet, each with a specific name on it.  As I calmly pass through each desk, I come to find the second desk right in front of the clock in the middle row.  I pull out my chair, and sit my self down, and look at the minute hand strike the 5 minute mark on the clock.

A few minutes later, everyone is seated in their respective seats.  Smiles, frowns, sleepy faces, worried faces all filled the room as the test packet was handed out.  After a few minutes of the mundane direction you read aloud before the test, the last direction was read out: “You may begin now.”

With 90 minutes to go, I read the first multiple choice question.  Fairly easy.  Then, onto the second multiple choice question.  Hmm…  Then, onto number 3.  Wow.

The multiple choice questions were filled with words and diagrams, both familiar and completely new.  After completing the multiple questions came the real fun–the free response questions.

Having certain hopes for certain questions to appear on the free response question, I opened up the question booklet.  I was given great news.  None of the questions I had hoped for came out.  Yay…

However, I wasn’t going to let mere four questions, lead me to distraught.  Therefore, I wrote like a mad person, as if I was a person madly in love with the art of writing.  By the time I got to my last question, there was only 10 minutes.  Aha.  This is where I would experience my first 4.  But once again, I was going to make the best use of my last ten minutes, and I did.  I successfully finished all four questions in the allotted time.

Well, now I have nothing to worry about.  It is done.  Every bubble has been filled in, every word has been written, and every book has been sealed.  I will get the grade I deserved, may that be a 4, may that be a 5, I will be satisfied.  However, after rigorously completing my first AP, I started to wonder how I will handle the 4 or 5 APs I will have next year.  Watching my sister, who I consider a genius, tackle 3 APs with such difficulty, fills me with apprehensions.

For now, I am only looking forward, and hoping for the best.

But wait!  There’s something I’ve missed.

Oh yeah, finals.

Black Swan

A few months ago, I watched a movie, which I consider to be one of the best movies produced, titled Black Swan.  It stars the Academy Award winning star, Natalie Portman.  Not to give away too much, but the story revolves around a ballerina in her early twenties, who competes to land the role as the Queen Swan in a ballet production: Swan Lake.  However, doing so brings out the inner dark, wanton, and threatening person from the innocent, pure, naive, and talented young girl she used to be.  As the production Swan Lake features both a white swan, the good swan, and the black swan, the bad swan; Portman competes to land the role as both the white and black swan.  However, her purity leads to her only having adroitness as the white swan, and trouble stepping into the shoes as the black swan.

As she suffers from the pressure of the competition, she starts to hallucinate.  However, what truly intrigued me about the film was the riveting acting of Natalie Portman, a true epitome of an actress.  As she displays multiple personalities and emotions in the film, she captures the viewers minds as if the story were reality.  The screenplay of the film also immaculate in the sense that it explored methods of thoughts that people would never have imagined.  Having the idea of confinement from pressure, is something anyone can relate to, and Black Swan truly demonstrates the consequences it may bring.  Furthermore, the graphics of the film were outstanding.  As Portman hallucinates, there are times when she is lead to believe that she is turning into a swan, and the graphics, such as the webbed feet, long neck, and feathers, is beyond extraordinary.

Though rated ‘R’ for its mature content as it deals with sexual pleasures, coarse language, frightening images, and some psychological disturbances, it has been truly successful in capturing the minds and emotions of viewers.  It was nominated for 173 awards and managed to win 54 of them.  Some of these awards include the Academy Award for Best Actress and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.  On the cover, the movie may present it self as another cheesy thriller/horror film, however, when looked within the cover, it is truly fascinating film, that deserves any awards that it is nominated for.


Song of the Post: Raise Your Glass – Glee Cast

Now, being a high schooler, extracurricular activities are very important.  One of the activities I am most dedicated to is Model United Nations.  Ever since middle school, I dedicated myself to the MUN programme offered at my school as well as some other MUN programs outside of school.  Starting from my frehsmen year, I was able to go on my first internaitonal MUN trip to Singapore, then that same year, I was granted a second chance to attend a pretigious conference in China.  The same happened this year; I went to Singapore and recently came back from China.

Now, I have to say, this year, China was a BLAST.  I was able to get closer with my friends, really have some time to think about my life, and relaly learned to appreciate for the things I have in my life now.  Last year, in my freshmen year, when I went to my first BEIMUN conference held in China, let’s just say it was not the best experience I had.  Something happened that really changed my life and the the way I viewed teh people around me.  I lost my phone.

For most readers, this is going to sound so lame.  However, I suffered a sort of depression for almost a month and really just broke down.  Now, you must understand that, I wasn’t sad because I had severed all ties with the fantastical and mundane teenage life activity of texting and calling, it was much more personal.  That phone was my graduation present that my mom and I went through so many fights to attain due to disagreements.  I wanted it, my mother thought I didn’t need it.  And she was right.  I really didn’t need the phone, but at the time, I was just so desperate.  Eventually, I got it, and merely after nine moths of the usage of that phone, I lost it.  Just like that.  It was gone.  The memories…the time…the money…the hardships…all gone to waste.

So, it was pretty lucid for me this year, what my goal would have to be–do not lose my phone.  And I was successful.  Instead of worrying so much about my phone this year, I focused on making it a memories to cherish.  I knew this would be my last MUN international conference in Korea International School, and I wanted it to be special.  I really got to know my friends better and just really enjoyed it.

I just want to give a thanks to everyone that was there, and hope you guys know that you will all be missed.  It will definitely be very sad that I will not be there to enjoy it next year…

Just some memories:

From I Am Number Four to Coldstone ice cream to gum wrappers…truly amazing.

I love you all of you and wish you the best in your future years in MUN!  Make me proud!